Photo journalism and stories as an NGO photographer


Amazonas, Brasilien

Walk with Rangers

Tsavo, Kenia

Ruamkatanyu Foundation

Bangkok, Thailand

My photo stories make stories come alive.
They are as multi-faceted as live itself. So for good visual story telling the same rules apply as for regular story telling: Everything
but boredom is allowed.
Is the photo story intended to sound the alarm and decry injustices or do you want the images to capture someones heart?
Do you want the resulting images to be neutral, but documented thrillingly or do you want a

critical topic to be interpreted visually?

Together we will find the suitable visual language for your project.

Making the pictures really speak to the target group requires intensive preparation.

I basically become a temporary coworker so I can immerse myself in the sobject matter.
I plan possible images – if you wish as 360 degree images or drone images – apply for permits,
write a story board… and count down the days until I can get started.
So that what moves you can move others as well.

Image film about my work.

Find inspiration!

In my portfolio you can find photo stories of my assignments as an NGO photographer.

Where will we start?

I’m already very much looking forward to your project!

Mario Schmitt – international photo journalist, storyteller and NGO photographer