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Portrait photography

Katharina S.


Fabienne B.


KYL - Digital Agency


You are the best messenger for your cause.
It is my job to make you and your talents appear in the best light:
Using my portraits I want to show who you are, what makes you good, and unique.
Because an authentic portrait can do much more than just look pretty:
It fosters trust and sends your intended message – as a human and brand.
Likable, committed and competent.

Photo stories

Photo stories

Adidas Hero Stories

Making of

Rolf Rabens

Artist portrait

Michael Hoikis


With open eyes and a sense for the special moments I accompany your story.
Services and products can also be emotionalized and staged using visual stories.
I want my photo stories to be a display of everything that’s important to you.
You are looking for the little something extra as an alternative to the classic display of
How about 360 degree images or photographs taken by a drone?
Let’s convince your clients, readers and fans together!

Event photography

Heart Medicine Congress


Rock im Park

Music Festival

Prof. Dr. Otmar Issing


Every event has a unique vibe that you only feel when you are part of it.
I want to capture and convey this vibe using my event photography.
However, conventions and concerts don’t take breaks until the photographer has captured
his ideal image. Hence, exhaustive preparation is key.
Not only will I familiarize myself with the bands at the concert but also the topics and
speakers at the medical convention.
For acquainting myself with the subject matter helps finding a fitting visual language and
fosters rapport with the protagonists at the event.
And it will show.

Let's make your pictures talk!

Distinct visual language for distinct clients.

Mario Schmitt – International business, portrait and event photographer