Crazy... the last four months of traveling passed so quick! It's incredible what I experienced in that time... the people I met and the challenges I mastered. I think it will take some time to digest all of this. But I am deeply, deeply thankful being able to do this and it makes me happy to share some moments with you - like this one.

Coming to Bali is really special for me. I don't know why, but I feel a deep connection to this island and to the people. I also learned a lot about myself during this voyage and I feel every time I travel, I grow a little bit more. 

Anyways, in the beginning of my trip, I bought 10 talisman amulets in Bangkok and when I met a beautiful soul on my journey, I gave them one amulet for protection and good luck. A few days ago I gave my last one away to the fisherman in Pemuteran, who I first met 3 years ago. I also gave him my Indonesian phone number and now he calls me every day, telling me how he misses me... I have no words for this - really! Last year, I promised to him that I bring a watch from Germany. One that is waterproof so he can wear it for fishing. Because the ones from Indonesia doesn't last long :-) So  this time I brought him a watch. Actually, it was the first watch I ever bought in my life.  You should have seen his face!

Now I have one week left before I go back to Germany. Tomorrow I will make a last trip to Nusa Lembongan and then it's about time to pack my bag. Can't wait to see my family and friends again!

Soon I will post some more shots from Bali.

Peace, M

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