Road trip / Scotland

- Dedicated to Sir Wayne Blanchard -


A few days go, I spontaneously booked a flight to Edinburgh, Scotland. Just me and my camera.

I was asked by someone who owns an online store for fine art prints, if I could provide him with some landscape shots. More about this later, once some photos are finished and ready to order.

But on this trip I wasn't only focusing on photography, but also on being in nature for a while. My days are so busy, I needed a break from it all… In the past months I've been working 24/7 - shooting almost every day and editing photos until late at night. Even if you love what you are doing, you sometimes need a break. Otherwise you will lose the passion about it. And passion it is that keeps me alive.

Once I arrived in Edinburgh, I got myself a Bunsen burner, some fruits, and a bottle of fine Scotch, to make it complete ;-)

I had a few spots on my list of what I wanted to see, but then I just drove in any direction and wherever I liked it, I stayed for the night. Scotland is a beautiful place. You have everything there: beaches, mountains, swamp land, dark forests, and endless wideness. Sometimes I found myself in very remote areas but then there was a solitary house. Crazy to see that some people live there. Especially in winter, when you have barely sunlight for months. 

Being isolated for some days was a good experience for me. Not only to have time to reflect on my life, but also to have time to enjoy elementary and simple things, without being distracted (no emails, no phone calls, no social media messages). I was hiking, climbing, and camping - things, I do way too seldom these days. Being in nature gives you so much energy and you'll always find more than what you are looking for. I really enjoyed myself making bonfire at night, reading inspiring books or writing down notes. I totally recommend this to anybody once in a while - take some quality time for yourself. And for this, you don't need to go to Scotland - just go out there and be present with your mind. When you come back home, you will not be the same.

Attached are some random shots I took along the way that convey the vibe.

Special thanks to Wayne Blanchard who was so kind to write down a special guide for me!

Leave a comment if this inspires you or if you have some tips that can be useful for my next journey.

Enjoy, Mario

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