New Logo

I am working on a new website for my wedding photography and I've been thinking a long time about a new logo that fits with me. 

Many people associate white doves with weddings. This makes totally sense. But white doves doesn't really match with me. I love owls since I was a young kid. 20 years ago I built breeder for owls and put them on trees and stuff. I went out at nights, with my best friend and we were attracting owls with a tape recorder, sending mating calls and stuff like this. So you can see I have a special relation with these birds. 

Hence, I chose an owl to give my logo a personal note and I am very happy with the final design.

Special thanks my friend Chris Noeth from mcpeppergames who made the drawing of the owl. I think he did a great job on this one!

Anyways... I am soon back with my new website and tons of new pics.

Love & Lights


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