MU GUMBA - the cryptic monastery (part III)

On the fifth day, just before the sun went down, we reached at Mu Gumba. The monastery is embedded into the mountains on the very end of the valley. A truly majestic location. And for us, the last time to go further up... yay!

During the cold winter months, most of the monks had left the monastery. The only residents were three old monks, one girl (who was in charge of the kitchen), an old horse and two dogs. It is a magical place. Once we arrived there we instantly knew why we walked so far to get there. This is something I can't explain. Maybe it was the heartily welcome of the monks... I don't know. Everything just felt right. 

It looks like, there are not many people going there. Most of the trekkers go the Manaslu trek, which is the same way as we came. But then the paths separates. I guess the Manaslu trek is more famous. Or most people just don't care about old monasteries. Whatever. We were very happy that we went there and the monks appreciated it as well :)

After some mediation and looking around, we gathered in the kitchen, enjoyed some hot tea and tried to warm up.

One of the monks was telling old stories and Suraj (our guide), was totally mesmerized :)
I didn't understand a word but I felt pure happiness at that moment. 

We slept in one of the rooms where usually the monks stay. It was freezing cold in there.

On the next morning I joined one of the monks during his daily routine. He was such a sweet guy. All photos you see here are unposed! I just followed him and I was glad he let me. 

Okay, only the horse seemed to pose a little with me :)
I thought this all is not true... it was like a fairy tale.

But the adventure wasn't over yet!

After a quick breakfast we packed our bags and hit the trail again. We had to be back at our starting point within half of the time it took us to get there! And I still had that damn FALL AREA in my mind... oh boy!

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