MU GUMBA - the climb down (part IV)

After our short but beautiful stay at Mu Gumba we had to rush back to our start point so my friend Jo would get in flight back home to Germany... and that within half of the time it took us to get there... just crazy! But we have been in very good spirits and our legs became stronger every day.

As we went down in the early morning hours, we got rewarded by a spectacular sun rise.
The general light situations in those valleys ain't nice for photography. It was either harsh sunlight or really shady - and there was nothing in between. But that morning was really sweet. I think we even sang hiking songs during the first hours :D

Time after time I was thinking about the dangerous passage where I had my panic attack two days ago. But I pushed it to the back of my mind until we arrived there again. 

This time I wasn't panicking, but I was very focused and moved slowly onwards. The critical section was about 150m long. Krishna and Jo were in front of me and Suraj was behind. We were about in the middle of this part as I stopped. The others asked me what's wrong. I said, "nothing. I just need to make slow here". In the very moment I said that, I heard a scary ZZZZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM - and that sound stopped abruptly as a fist-sized rock hit me on my upper leg and almost smashed my hiking stick! WOW... we all froze for a second - until the next rock whooshed by ZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!! "Let's run!!!", Jo screamed ...

You should have seen us! It was so close to a real disaster! Once we arrived on firm ground, everybody needed to lay down on the ground, shaking. "Happy birthday, again!" Jo said to me. I couldn't believe this. This was no coincidence. It was like a sign, but I didn't know how to interpret it.  Why did a rock hit me of all people at that particular stretch of the way? If this rock would have hit me somewhere else, I would be gone now. Seriously. I just had a big blue mark on my leg and that's it. I am such a lucky devil!

On our last day, about one hour before we arrived at our basis, we were thunderstruck by a very loud BOOOOOOOMMMMM!
What the hell was that?!

We walked a few more meters along a very high passage, as we got stopped by the Nepalese special forces! WTF...
As things turned out, they were bursting a new road into the mountains and the special forces (including us 4 idiots) had to test if the road was safe to walk! And I am talking again about a 1m wide trail! On the right: loose rocks. On the left: 200m sheer abyss... oh boy. This was really terrifying for all of us! And it was getting dark. I looked at Jo, Jo looked at me. We just laughed. I thought, ok... if we are going to die now in the finishing straight, than that's how it should be. We have been at the end of our tether.

They did several more detonations along the way, but luckily everything went well and we made back to the tea house late that night.


What a trip! It was so exhausting, brutal, frightening, beautiful, inspiring and rewarding - I would do it again at any time!
I learned a lot about myself... my limits... my strength... my fears... and how to overcome them.

Special thanks to Jo, Suraj and Krishna for all the pushing, loving and sticking together during this trek. 
I will never forget this. 


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