Namasté from mother India,

I was recently in New Delhi where I shot a documentary for the DAHW (Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe). For this I met with their Indian partners (GLRA – German Leprosy and Relief Association) who introduced me to several patients and projects in Delhi and Jaipur.

First we did home visits in the slums of Delhi to interview tuberculosis patients about their treatment, progress of development and to get an insight in their daily living conditions.

The photo below shows a TB patient and his wife in their tiny one-single-room-appartment in the slums of New Delhi. They also have a 14 year old daughter. All three live together in this 2 x 2,5m room, they call home. If someone has to use the restroom, they have to go to a nearby factory.

Below you see another TB patient we visited in her home. 
The 23 year old girl has been take the treatment for the past 5 months. She lives together with 7 family members in the tightest of space. Her elder brother is also suffering from TB and taking treatment from the government hospital. 

The family is very thankful that the GLRA is supporting them during those tough times.

After some home visits we met with Indian truckers to see a side project of the GLRA. With 6 million Trucks in India, the trucking industry represents a notable 2.5% of the most economically productive labor force. Truckers often hails from poor families & lead miserable and socially marginalized life. Stress, bad hygiene conditions and a poor nutrition are the breeding ground for bacterias and diseases such as TB. Hence, the GLRA started a program to study health conditions with those people.

After Delhi I went to Jaipur - the pink city of Rajasthan - to visited a leprosy colony and a care centre for TB patients and disabled people. Enclosed are some random shots from this trip. A detailed report about my work will be released soon on the official DAHW website and their social media channels.

Special thanks to Manuel Koch, Mukesh Sharma, Pooja Mehra, Rajbir Singh, Vivek Lal, Shibu George, Suresh Kaul and everybody else involved during this project. It was very interesting to get an insight in your daily work and I feel very honoured being able to work with such a dedicated and focussed team! If wish you only the best for your current and future projects. Lets make this world a better place!

If YOU want to help, donate, support or whatever, please get in touch with the following organisations:

Please visit: DAHW or GLRA and SMK for further information.


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